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WANTED - Anyone want to start a new venture?

WANTED - Anyone want to start a new venture?

Monday, July 18, 2016


Matthew Holman


  1. The secret formula for happiness
    02 Feb, 2018
    The secret formula for happiness
    I really shouldn't be telling you this, but I have no choice. Actually I do have a choice, but for too long we have been shackled to the system. Too many people are living unfulfilled, uninspired and unhappy lives! How many people can express with 100% commitment total happiness in their lives? Let's have a show of hands. Over many years of evolution the human race has been losing the ability to find simple happiness. The invention of the smartphone and social media has been as hurtful to the
  2. Have I Found The Meaning Of Life?
    31 Mar, 2017
    Have I Found The Meaning Of Life?
    According to Douglas Adams, creator of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The number 42 is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. Unfortunately, no one knows what the question is. Today is my 42nd Birthday, and I can say as this coincidental(?) milestone to the 'meaning of life' arrives I am actually feeling quietly content with how changes over the past 2 years
  3. Improving employee engagement
    31 Aug, 2016
    Improving employee engagement
    At Simpila we are helping companies and individuals to develop their skills and improve their future opportunities.  Why not get in touch with us? email us at and see how we can help you and your teams.
  4. 5 tips for a happy employee
    29 Aug, 2016
    5 tips for a happy employee
    Happy employees are the greatest asset for any organisation.  It is our responsibility as business owners and leaders to ensure that we are promoting a happy and healthy workforce. Below are 5 key areas for engagement and improving the happiness of employees: 1. Relevant and timely communication 2. Collaboration with colleagues and clearly defined goals  3. Recognition and reward 4. Personal development 5. Future opportunities within the company How do you ensure the highest engagement in
  5. 'Maybe my next step is to be 'more' French?'
    24 Aug, 2016
    'Maybe my next step is to be 'more' French?'
    A statement I made in my pulse article ‘Who wants a Job?’ posted on April 22, 2016 The truth is that from a cultural perspective there are many positives that in business and personally we could learn from French culture. Recently my 14-year-old daughter introduced me to the subject of Biomimicry. I had never heard of this science, and I am sure I am not alone. I had to search the answer to find out what this was. According to the official Biomimicry Institute definition; Biomimicry is an
  6. My weekend without Social Media
    15 Aug, 2016
    My weekend without Social Media
    So I have now completed 50 hours of a personal blackout of social media, and the good news is I survived! The world did not collapse, I did not have food envy, and I actually managed a few more conversations than ‘normal’. Friday night I took a little while to contemplate what was to face me over the next 2 days, a final fix of Facebook, update status to tell the world I would be gone, but not for long, and not to panic about my lack of updates and activities, I was safe, and will be back
  7. Coaching and Mentoring made simple!
    05 Aug, 2016
    Coaching and Mentoring made simple!
    Personal coaching and mentoring in the workplace is a wonderful opportunity for employers to gain higher levels of employee engagement. It is a fact that the benefits of a continued programme of coaching will bring significant improvements to any business.  The benefits of coaching employees are: At Simpila we are working with clients on personalised coaching, using the GROW principles: We are now taking new clients from September, so why not get in touch and discuss how we might be able
  8. Keep it simple
    27 Jul, 2016
    Keep it simple
    Why use a thousand words...?