Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

We work with individuals, groups and organisations to create happier and mentally healthier workspaces where everyone is able to thrive and achieve their ambitions. We provide training, consulting and speakers to help raise awareness, education and support for all Amazing Humans.

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Why Invest in Mental Health Awareness, Education and Support?

If you need to justify an invest in mental health training, consider the following:​​

Latest News Posts

Here is the next episode of MH2…..with the Amazing Human….Kerry B Tonks!

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 will be taking place from 9th – 15th May. The theme for 2022 as determined by the Mental Health Foundation …

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Matt Holman Talks Mental Health Podcast

Matt Holman Talks Mental Health

Here is the very first Matt Holman Talks Mental Health Podcast Support Episode with the Amazing Human Stuart Baker talking about is upcoming Pedal the Premiership Event. You can …

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Latest Blog Posts

Explore the Matt Holman Blog for all things Mental Health!

My Friend Misery

Do we welcome misery or wave it goodbye? Welcome to My Misery.  Can we really ‘feel’ misery…How do we know we are miserable? It’s asserted …

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Switching off for Personal Holiday/Vacation – Easy or Hard?

Personal holidays are a wonderful thing.  Passport, sun lotion, swimwear, comfortable clothing, children, work laptop… how many of you pack your work phone or work laptop …

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Learning at Work Week 2022

Mental Health – Why is awareness key to unlocking a conversation. ‘The first step toward change is awareness’… Nathaniel Branden.. This week marks ‘Learning At …

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Company History

Founded in 2016, Simpila is on a mission to help improve awareness, education and support for the conversation of mental health across society. The company was founded following a personal crisis experienced by the founder Matt, using this to provide the power and passion to make sure we take better care of ourselves, and the support for others. We work with individuals, groups and companies to improve the overall wellbeing of all.

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